A must-read for the people in your life
who want to continue working past 60



With so many people living into their 90s, working past age 60 is increasingly common.

In these uncertain economic times many Boomers are unsure about what realistic work possibilities exist and want to learn more about full-time, part-time, consulting or freelance opportunities. They may even want to own their own businesses or volunteer. Whether working for income or looking for meaningful work post retirement, job seekers face an employment situation that has changed drastically in recent years.

In an evolving and competitive job market, proactive preparation is more important than ever before.

BEST JOB SEARCH TIPS FOR AGE 60-PLUS: A Practical Work Options Resource For Baby Boomers provides practical advice about effective job search strategies and realistic work possibilities.

Readers will also benefit from tips on updating their online presence, crafting a compelling resume and interview preparation.

  • Learn to implement effective 21st century job search strategies
  • Update personal and digital profiles
  • Prepare for telephone, video and in-person interviews
  • Neutralize age-related employment challenges

Best Job Search Tips for Age 60-Plus is an excellent resource for people who want to continue working past what used to be considered retirement age. This book is easy-to-read with practical advice and resources to help this underserved group. It offers realistic work options and job search strategies. A must-read for anyone considering working beyond age 60.
—Maria Korn, Director
Talent Management & Acquisition

Absolutely great information about how to conduct a successful job search for Baby Boomers. The authors offer very practical and professional advice. The list of internet research sites is invaluable to a job seeker.
—Carmen Bennett
Career Coach

Advice often comes in the form of questions. The strength of this job search book is that it doesn’t just ask the questions, it provides resources, tips, strategies, examples, and advice that individuals can customize to fit their unique situations. I recommend Best Job Search Tips for Age 60-Plus to Baby Boomers as a way to thoughtfully determine “next steps” in life’s journey and then market their strengths to make it happen.
—Helen L. Hatlelid-Hester, PHR
Career Consultant

About the Authors

Toby Haberkorn

Toby is an experienced executive-search consultant and certified job search strategist. She enjoys working with mature individuals who are at crossroads in their careers and lives. Toby is known for her job-market knowledge, strategic expertise and mentoring. She helps individuals determine and achieve their goals. Toby’s career has ranged from being the Executive Director of a Cultural Arts Center to working in Human Resources Management and retained-executive search as well as having written an industrial newsletter. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in History from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Houston in Houston, Texas.

Elizabeth O’Neal

Elizabeth is a career coach who supports individuals in career transition and those who are just exploring their options. She brings energy and enthusiasm to workshops and presentations. Elizabeth is passionate about helping people manage their transition and especially enjoys assisting candidates who are considering career changes or retirement to explore options. With a background in the financial service industry, she is a career consultant with a global career and talent development firm. Elizabeth earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

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